Friday, 8 April 2016


A young prince with crazy cooking skills… 
A French chef battling for the reputation of his restaurant… 
A most unusual cooking competition…
The royal family of Calambira are surprised when a bizarre cooking challenge is sprung on their prodigy, but the king and the prince’s nendas immediately rally around the little chef. Who will win? How far will the master chef go to be crowned the winner? And does the prince have what it takes to become the youngest cook-off winner of all time?
AL DENTE BOOKS announces the publication of the first English novel by DH DANIEYAL, prize-winning writer of S.P.Q.R.
You may pre-order the book from us directly by emailing Write your name, address, contact number and order quantity, and we will deliver the book to you. RRP is RM 25.90.
Soon to be available in major bookstores near you!

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