Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I am giving away ten (10) FREE copies of 'RINDU AYAH'. Please send me private messages suggesting the names of children you know who you think deserve to receive this book as a surprise gift and why. Don't forget to include the child's particulars and correspondence address.

Saya akan menghadiahkan sepuluh (10) naskhah percuma 'RINDU AYAH'. Sila hantar 'private message' kepada saya mencadangkan nama anak-anak yang anda kenali yang anda rasa patut menerima buku ini sebagai hadiah mengejut dan mengapa. Jangan lupa menyertakan sekali butir-butir anak itu dan alamat surat menyuratnya.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


'RINDU AYAH' was actually the beginning of another dream that I had last year ~ to write novelette for children. I actually wrote 'RINDU AYAH' in Bangkok some time in March 2013. A few weeks later, I got the manuscript sent to Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM) for the review of 'Panel Penilaian'. With the confidence I had begun to have with me and the belief in myself, I continued writing 'HIDUP BERBUDI' - the second novelette for children.

But because I find that it's a bit too long to wait for a reply from ITBM, I had decided to self-published 'HIDUP BERBUDI'. And guess what? Both 'HIDUP BERBUDI' and 'RINDU AYAH' are now available for purchase in the major bookstores. Both books were written by me with much passion and love but published by different publisher.

I hope you'll love buying them for your children/ niece/ nephew or even give the books away as gifts to children on their birthdays. And I hope that I can continue giving more as I've always wished.

Please pray may the kids who receive them as gifts from you would love them and hopefully  they'll learn a lot from it.